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All over the world,
All species,
In all the oceans

We adapt the storage of our raw materials and products to the particular needs of each client


Atunlo was born in 2007 as a result of the alliance between European leaders in the sector

After 20 years of collaboration, in 2007 the alliance between the European leaders of tuna fishing and commercialisation, PEVASA, INPESCA and COPER was consolidated, taking advantage of the know-how of the capture, processing and commercialisation of tuna in the different international markets, with the creation of ATUNES Y LOMOS, SL ATUNLO.



Atunlo is a Spanish company with international presence and vocation

International commitment

We have offices and agreements in Spain, Portugal, Cape Verde, Thailand, Ecuador, Peru and Panama.
Our raw material comes from the main oceans of the world, Atlantic, Pacific and Indian. We are where the tuna is.

in Vigo
Production plants:Spain: O Grove, Cambados, Santoña
Portugal: Vilanova de Cervera
Cape Verde: Mindelo
Production AgreementsEcuador y Cabo Verde
workers600 in Spain
300 in Cape Verde
300 in Portugal
Sales OfficesMorocco and Asia
in 26 countries

We are committed to responsible and sustainable fishing

We innovate every day using 100% sustainable techniques and products to conserve the marine ecosystem for future generations.

Beiramar 83 - 36208 - Vigo
Pontevedra (Spain)

Tel. +34 986 203 617
Fax. +34 986 209 902

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