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Our facilities
meet the needs
of the Industry

Every day we produce 140 tons of pre-cooked tuna loins and 65 tons of frozen raw tuna products


Our plants base their management on the most demanding quality and food safety and sustainability standards (IFS, BRC, APR, MSC, FOS, …), whose compliance is periodically evaluated by external organisations.

O GroveCambadosSantoñaCape VerdeVilanova de CerveiraEcuador and Cape Verde

O Grove

Plant dedicated to the processing of pre-cooked tuna loins for the high-end market.
Production capacity of 65 MT / day of whole tuna, reaching 7,200 Tm of product in 2018. Pre-cooked, chilled or frozen tuna loins are the main processed products.
Refrigeration storage capacity of 21,000 m3 (3,500 MT) with a rotation of 500 MT per day.


Plant dedicated to the processing of raw processed products of frozen tuna.
Production capacity of 60 MT / day reaching 7,200 Tm in 2018.
Refrigerated storage capacity 3,000 pallet


Plant dedicated to the processing of pre-cooked tuna loins mainly for the high-end market in Spain, France and Italy.
The fish processing capacity is about 40 tons of whole tuna per day, having reached the figure of 4,800 tons of products processed in 2018.

Cape Verde

The plant inaugurated by ATUNLO in 2015 is located in Mindelo, Cape Verde.
This plant fulfills a triple activity:

Logistic centre: Ship unloading, classification and reshipment.

Storage: Storage capacity of food products for 2,000 tons of whole fish, and 735 tons of palletised products.

Production: Processing of frozen raw tuna processed products with a capacity of 60 MT / day of whole fish and 80 MT / day of eviscerated and filleted fresh whole fish.

Vilanova de Cerveira

Located in Vilanova de Cerveira (Portugal), the last plant of the Atunlo group, was inaugurated in 2018.
This plant is dedicated to the processing of pre-cooked tuna loins, with a processing capacity of whole fish of about 100 tons per day, being able to reach 8,000 tons of finished product per year.

Ecuador and Cape Verde

Our co-packing agreements with the Pespesca plants in Manta (Ecuador) and Frescomar (Cape Verde), provide us with a production capacity of 100 tons / day and 50 tons / day respectively, of whole fish for the processing of precooked tuna loins

We apply our own resource sustainability and social responsibility policies

We meet the standards of the main associations for the protection of fishery resources, ISSF, FRIEND OF THE SEA, MSC, INPLF, DOLPHIN SAFE…


Committed to responsible and sustainable fishing

Our associates’ fleet consists of 13 freezer vessels, with freezing capacity on board at -18ºC and operates in the waters of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans.

The sustainability of the marine resource is a matter of vital importance for us
One of the most modern fleets in the world

Having APR certificate and the best possible standards in all areas related to fishing activity: social conditions, maritime safety, control of fishing activity, good fishing practices and sanitary conditions that guarantee our respect for responsible fishing and observation of socio-labour rights on board.

We participate in numerous projects with recognised scientific institutions, technological improvements in MCS (monitoring, control and surveillance) and in the sections that improve the selectivity of fishing gear in order to achieve a significant by-catch reduction.

Beiramar 83 - 36208 - Vigo
Pontevedra (Spain)

Tel. +34 986 203 617
Fax. +34 986 209 902

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