ATUNLO will be in Beiramar for another 10 years

The Vigo based companies, Tuna and loins (ATUNLO), European leader in the processing, marketing and tuna refrigerating, and The Galician refrigerated processing plant (Frigalsa), which is also the leader in cold storage, recently renewed their partnership agreement. This deal in turn affects the facilities which are located on Beiramar Avenue. This processing plant has a capacity to accommodate more than 3,500 tons and is operated by Frigalsa, they will continue servicing exclusively ATUNLO, therefore, ATUNLO’s headquarters (offices)will remain on the upper level of this Beiramar plant.

With the renewal of the recently signed contract, both companies ensure that the current collaboration is going to be maintained over the next ten years. In this way, the continuity of ATUNLO’s production is guaranteed, and the Jacinto Benevento area will preserve its maritime and industrial profile. The Vigo based company Coper, which has 50% of ATUNLO, is also located in the same area more specifically in the Port of Vigo Logistic Center, where the headquarter of the former Pescanova and Pesca Puerta frozen fish company can be found and is now separately managed from ATUNLO.