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We are tuna

ATUNLO, is the European leading brand in tuna, with all market certifications that guarantee not only sustainable and respectful tuna fishing, but also the best working conditions for each single individual involved in the production chain. After 20 years of collaboration, in 2007, the alliance between INPESCA and COPER, (European Tuna fishing and marketing leaders), was strengthened with the creation of what is today, a great family called ATUNLO.

Top notch tuna for your family and your customers

The secret to the flavour of our tuna is simple, to be where the raw material of our products is. ATUNLO’S tuna comes from the world’s major oceans (Atlantic, Pacific and Indian).

At ATUNLO, we have offices, production plants and collaborating partners in Spain, Portugal, Cape Verde, Ecuador, Peru, Morocco and Singapore.

Committed to responsible and sustainable fishing

Our life is the sea, and we want it to remain that way for many years, so we innovate every day in sustainable techniques and products, so that we can preserve the marine ecosystem from one generation to another.

ATUNLO is part of one of the main international partnerships that ensures sustainable and responsible fishing. Our philosophy is to take care of both the sea and its people.


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