We are tuna


Guaranteed traceability of all our tuna

From its origin to your dish, at ATUNLO we monitor closely each of the processes necessary to preserve the quality of our tuna, the sustainability of the ocean and the well-being of all our workers.

We are where the tuna is

Our products come directly from the major oceans of the world, the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Indian ocean.

Main products

Whole or elaborated tuna

Products kept frozen in brine on board at -18ºC.
Loins, raw and precooked, refrigerated according to needs and client’s specifications.

300 t of tuna processed daily

We guarantee prime products available in the main international markets.
ATUNLO, is authentic wild tuna with all the European certifications that guarantee responsible fishing and also the best working conditions for our worker.

Production plants



Vilanova de Cerveira

Cape Verde: 


Partner plants

Cape verde: Frescomar Mindelo

Ecuador: Manta

Perú: Paita


Morocco: Agadir

Asian branch



Commited to responsible and sustainable fishing

Our plants base their management by the highest standards of quality, food safety and sustainability (IFS, BRC, APR, MSC, FOS), whose compliance is periodically evaluated by external organisations.

Maximum quality standards



Engaded from the beginning

Our partner’s fleets are made up of 13 freezer vessels, with on board freezing capacity up to -18º and they are present in the Indian and Atlantic Oceans.

They have APR certification, the best possible standards in all areas that respect fishing activity: social conditions, maritime safety, fishery controls, good fishing practices and health conditions that ensure respect to responsible fishing and the adherence to socio-labour rights on board.

We participate in numerous projects with renown scientific institutions, technological improvements in MCS (monitoring, control and surveillance) and in areas that improve the selection of fishing gear, so as to achieve significant by-catch reduction.

«Marine resource sustainability, is a matter that is dear to our hearts»